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After a couple months of work during the summer and winter holidays I’m proud to present to you the newest installment in the Urban Terror Exposed series, featuring SoD, one of the best jumpers in Urban Terror. This video showcases jumps both practical and fantastic jumps on the standard Urban Terror maps.

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You can download the video at:

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  1. BetterOffLead says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!! My mind was just blown. The jump on Eagle is effing EPIC! Very nice vid. thanx

  2. Shans[1up] says:

    Freaking awesome dude.

  3. AJ says:


  4. v0luti0n says:

    Real nice, Tarquin did a great job editing. The jumps were nice as well, though I knew alot of them before this vid.

  5. This really puts those of us in -LG- in our place. Yes, our low grav jumps can be inspiring, but this is truly pure win. AWE, sir. AWE.

  6. boogiepanda says:

    Wow, looks great!

  7. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by, toshav hutz. toshav hutz said: RT: @dailynade: An amazing jump video from Tarquin [...]

  8. rfx says:

    Fantastic jumps, didn’t like the cutting of the video though, just not my style. Still nice work, thx!

  9. -DxT-denied says:

    I keep changing clans…

    Anyway, nice video, awesome jumps. If I want to get that good I will have to fail school, quit school, and spend my whole life playing UrT D=

    • Anony says:

      Or do what I did/am doing. Graduate in 4 years with a double major, and not get hired at any place you interview at. Get told “you’re promising, but we hired someone who has more experience”. Stay unemployed despite your best efforts, and to save money, play urt instead of going out, etc.

  10. nes says:

    the true is that.. we have to say thanks for this video!!!




  11. Mithra says:

    Another great video! I’ve also watched Urban terror Exposed I and II, featuring DisastercasterLOL (a really awesome player imaho), but never seen anywhere the third one. Where can I find it?

  12. iShotYou? says:

    Man only 3 jumps on eagle 50 percent of my urban terror life was spent there and there is WAY more. ncie vid tho

  13. Samm says:

    omg….amazing jump… n1 sod… and as always a good tarquin movie…

  14. |BlackRose| says:

    Realy great Vid! :D

    …. What is the name of this song???

  15. xSm3agol says:

    Nice jumps but video isn’t epic :) There is only eagle jump nice epic that can be done without wj :P Not pro but not bad… Just very good. Well done xD

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  17. Kuhni-v-spb says:

    Zamer, montazh i ustanovka – besplatno.

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