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Urban Terror 4.2 is almost here… in HD

This year is been crazy for games, Gran Turismo 5 coming out, Duke Nukem Forever coming out, Twisted Metal coming out and now… this!

The long awaited Urban Terror 4.2 is almost here and as I predicted some time ago, it’s coming this quarter.

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Frozen Sand stated that there is a public beta coming and it will come out someday between now and Christmas and, according to them, “It’s got the most new content and features since the original 2.0″.

“With all these changes, this is a new era for our game, and it can’t be simply named 4.2. We have decided to publish this next major release with a fully new name” said Frozen Sand, announcing the new name for Urban Terror 4.2, Urban Terror HD.

Looks like it’s the real deal, what do you think about Urban Terror HD? Are you excited? Do you think it will really bring Urban Terror to a whole new level?

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  1. Liqweed` says:

    hehe, i spoke to some coding staff of the official team, they told me it was going to be much more motivating than it is now, new textures, maps, weapons, passport, this is too much, this made my day! .)

  2. KEYHOLE says:

    i dont like the HD thing….

  3. Fuse says:

    Can’t wait!!!! =D

  4. Waste says:

    HD = Hacked in Days or Horribly Developed .. take your pick

    Closed source POS that has taken way to long to release and I guarantee will NOT be worth the hype.


  5. chukz15 says:

    I run on a low spec computer the new textures better not slow my gameplay down more than it already is.

  6. Bordo says:

    higher quality means low fps for me, and changing the gameplay will probably make many users quit playing. At least there will be a few weeks without cheaters thanks to the passport…untill they find a way to break it and try brand new cheats..

    • Green says:

      The anticheat is not gona stop all cheating, but the pasport will make it a real pain in the ass to do so after a while.

      with the “reputation” system, hackers cant just make a new accont and jump right back in. Server can make rules so that the accont have to be lets say 6 months old to be able to play there. so after a while there will be increasingly secure servers for long-time players.

    • Haydugjr says:

      They actually said they’ve made lots of performance improvements, so it should be about the same for you.

  7. BenZino says:

    Hell zea I|m exited. I reallz hoping for the Passport szstem. The game itself is not gonna change, it will just get prettier.

    You are getting a free game, don’t be a dousche and get a graphics card if yours is lame. Quit WHINING so much. :)

    Calling it HD is bound to attract many new noobs, thats good and bad, but mostly good – right?

  8. clumsyninja says:

    i wonder what the system requirements are. Will someone send me a link when that info is available?

  9. Cr4zy*[Sn!p3r]* says:

    i cant wait *_*

  10. OpenSlotFan says:

    Hey guys, visit

    is a free service i love it!!

    you can get your own gameserver for urban terror FTW

  11. noah2251 says:


  12. MrSiim says:

    i could piss myself from the exitment!

  13. chukz15 says:

    I better be able to run this after release.

  14. beast says:

    beta in the next 15 days!

  15. {A}Puff says:

    Is Ut 4.2 going to be open source? Please tell me it’s going to be open source.

  16. Skillz says:

    ive been waiting a long time for the new release and im actually starting to get bord of urban terror, i have played 2 years now and im realy hopeing that this new release will have some new things to master

  17. Bah Humbug says:

    “The long awaited Urban Terror 4.2 is almost here and as I predicted some time ago, it’s coming this quarter. Frozen Sand stated that there is a public beta coming and it will come out someday between now and Christmas”


  18. liamuk says:

    it’s coming tommorow if they didn’t lie to us :)

  19. Teeteejay says:

    But can it be played on normal screen settings? Will it still be as customizable as before?

    What will happen to the old urban terror? The new UrT should be able to play on old urt servers as well.

  20. Serious says:

    usin same engine and same code hd will be disatsaer since many players use old pc it already got big problems with dual core without tellin better processors
    then since monitors are bigger ive notices that i got less unhits when playin on 19 monitor then usin my 27 if i try to use sinc i got good shots but i moove wierd(like in water)

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