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Team Survivor with Tarquin (video)

I decided to post a little video of a scrim I played in recently with a [51] and iCu* mix against the Revenants. The Revenants haven’t really touched the game in a long time, so a lot of the behaviors that work in the video are much less likely to work against opponents who have been around the past few seasons. I felt however that this scrim was a pretty good demonstration of how certain plays can really work out for the better.

Most of the things I talk about in the video, I don’t consciously think about while in-game. That takes too much time in sticky situations. Really, the only way one can really learn any of this is via experience. These are just some tips so that at least you can recognize what some good behaviors in a TS game actually look like (not that this scrim was played particularly well).

A summary of some of the points I make in this video:

  • Stand in unusual spots (especially in sniper duels).
  • Pre-nades are good for pushing the enemy back, or getting some free early-game kills.
  • Players, if at some obvious advantage (in health, position, speed, etc) and especially if they’re on the chase,  tend to think their enemy will run away a good distance.
  • You can bait the enemy out by faking your bandage (and depleted ammunition).
  • Try not to run around corners against SR-8′s.
  • When you know you’re being flanked, expose yourself only to one side (pushing through one of the enemies also accomplishes this).
  • If you’re going to stand around somewhere, make sure you have a safe exit (unless you have no choice but to put yourself in a risky situation).
  • When you’re against against multiple enemies, isolate one target at a time.
  • Learn to jump fast!
  • Be mindful of the whole game. Don’t focus too much on a single enemy. I get knifed in the back for not doing this.
  • Avoid baiting your teammates. Play with your team.

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  1. Mackz` says:

    WOW ! Great ! think it will helps me :)

  2. Flamey says:

    Were they actually hard or decent to play? You made it look like you were playing first timers. This is quite the impressive video. I look forward to seeing more from you, tarquin. I’m surprised you could cover so much from one map and in ten minutes.

  3. Azle says:

    sexy voice ;D

  4. Slithar says:

    Flamey : I’ve played against r|demon once and his aim is really good ( I thought he hacked before I spectated him ), so Tarquin was not playing against noobs…

  5. Sirmimer says:

    Really nice video, diffently learned a thing or two =)

    What i really would like to see is a video in casa, in narrow/brigde/market, going though each round in like say narrow, saying what went wrong and stuff =))

  6. Vinchz says:

    Nice video. Do you wear any kevlar?

  7. Engine says:

    If I watched carefully he has:
    Sr-8, DE, Kevlar, Helmet, Nades

  8. [T]]3east says:

    Very comprehensive guide. Interesting from the point of what not to do if you are an auto.

  9. Zanpa says:

    I never use grenades, but oh god, that double kill…
    I think I’ll learn how tu use them :D

  10. G!GH3N says:

    really good !u don’t use the 2° weap??

  11. Frankie says:

    wow, great job. you pwn :]

  12. NaeRey says:

    Nice one!:)

    I want more of these vids from pro’s!!

    • Sirmimer says:

      A video like this, just from casa – market – would be awsome. Specially cause i belive that tarquin plays market a bit diffent, spotting the enemy first by jumping or something? And then taking pre shots? I would love to see that in action =).

  13. |ALPHA|Father Goose says:

    Wow Tarquin,
    Very nice video! That quality is amazing dude… and the narration was amazingly concise and calm :)
    We all think your and your partners’ blog is fantastic!

  14. Jez says:

    Good stuff. More please!

  15. meister says:

    Fuckin nice man! Awesome skill as usual. Keep ‘em comin’.

  16. meister says:

    Ugh, sorry about the comment above. Forgot I wasn’t on the forums. Yikes! :/

  17. Mr.Goldfish says:

    LOL Demon is good.

  18. ranger says:

    lol very nice video, learned some new strats. please never say ‘tarquin out’ every again though, or i will lose ALL respect for you ;)

  19. tarquin says:

    yeah i couldn’t really think of anything to say so i just blurted out the first thing that came to mind

  20. phoenix says:

    Nice vid.. would like to see more/see demoes of you playing? Is that possible?

    or is there a place where i could download some?

  21. Impact. says:

    i realised that in both of your vids that u use different settings?
    which one do u actually use or find better

  22. Mr.effeCt! says:

    tarquin have msn ?

  23. kRYSTAL says:

    Nice player ! Just a question…
    What is your DPI and you have the CPL MOUSE ACCEL ?

    Thanks you.

  24. Fools says:

    Tarquin I know u say that you should have made those shots but dint be so harsh on urself,,, diod ur good and you should flaunt it lol I know I sound like a douche but you should be saying good things about ur shots and not questioning them,,, I don’t know but u I’d say( someone said that UrT is half having skill and half a mental fame spool if u dint have confidence in yourself u may find ur playing not as good as you can lol not to say that u aren’t terrific already but just a little suggestion from the noob :) also lol if you say ur reaction time is decent,, then mine must be ridiculously horrible lol if there wa a 1-10 scale of reaction time u would be like a 9 and I would be like a 6 lol hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging cuz that to me sucks but I’m working on it got any tips on how to improve upon my reaction time?? Thanks man also I saw the bid of you and iCu raping Quebec owners haha I have three friends in that clan an they all got raped by ur m4 I think lol keep makin bids of gameplay please and well keep watching and learning :) someday hopefully I’ll learn enough to go against some of you guys :) ………. Someday :) ( see, self confidence is key)

  25. Q says:

    respect ;)

    1:34 nade bug?

    p.s. and they say I talk to much 8-)

  26. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You’re wonderful!

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