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Play of the Week #7 (Video)

Hi guys! Today we feature Jig from the Vendetta clan, which some of you might know if you read DailyNade. Just an amazing SR-8 sequence! Check this out!

We want more demos! Sent your demos to us but PLEASE tell exactly which round you would like to see featured (I watched a couple of hours of demo today).

Would you like to candidate for the next play of the week?

Send us your demo at

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  1. lt.daN says:

    simply ridiculous… AMAZING shots.

  2. Azza says:

    Hey jig, you suck. <3

  3. Fr33DoM says:

    Took long enough for the 7th one

  4. Chimmeh says:

    Thats my boy, i taught him well! ^^

  5. get says:

    very nice sr8

  6. Depression says:

    This isn’t even a real scrim or war.

    • Engine says:

      It’s a match between the V// members. They treated the match as a regular scrim… what’s the matter?

      • Depression says:

        I thought only scrims were qualified?

        • Engine says:

          Well imho this qualifies as scrim. But it’s not a big deal for me… I tend to pass on demos taken on pubs but if they’re awesome they deserves to be featured :)

          • Depression says:

            To have a pub demo qualify, does it mean I have to kill every single guy on the enemy team?

          • Max says:

            வக ர எழ த த க கள க க என பத வ த வ ய ல ல . அவ இங க அன மத க கப பட ம ட ட த . க ளம பவ ம . க ற த த வப த ர ய வ ட ட வ ட ட இந த க கள ச ச ல க ற ய என ற க ட டத இர கவன .எனக க எல ல ர ம ஒன ற . ஆன ல ஏன க ல ச ய த , க ம ம ளம ட க க ம ஏன ந ங கள வ ட ட வ ட ட ர கள ?க ளம ப ங கள என பத பத ல ச ல லப பயப பட தல என பத .உடன , ந ன பயந த க ள ள ய என ற ப றப பட ட வ ட வ ண ட ம .You may show you are neutral like me.I can tear to pieecs any Christian rascal. Can you do it to any Hindu rascal ?

    • don says:

      Yeah pretty weak POTW. I’d rather see POTM or something if there aren’t enough quality demos coming in. It’s hardly a play either. Just some guy sniping largely stationary targets and easy shots in a completely non-critical situation. Obviously he’s a fast shooter and has decent aim, but that doesn’t make it a good play.

      I’d like to see some tactical play, CTF or BM. A “play” doesn’t have to be mindlessly killing opponents who stand still.

      • don says:

        Also who the hell is Vendetta clan?:/

        • PreviousN says:

          Well, don, I agree with you to some extent, but you of all people should know how much effort goes into these POTW things. I’m down to cut engine a little slack (especially considering he spent hours looking at demos) and say “good play, but I’m looking forward to the next one.” But isn’t that how we should always feel – looking forward to the next one?

          While I’m at it, I’ll mention one thing that really bothers me. The new intro sequence is grammatically incorrect. It should say:

          “The best UrT Action”.

          Action is one of those weird English words that doesn’t need an “s” to make it plural. It would be like me saying “I have to copy my datas to my flash drive.” Data is already plural so it should just be “I have to copy my data to my flash drive.” I’m like 95% sure I’m right about this, so if I’m wrong I’ll “eat my shorts.”

          But other than that, I think pubs should not be blacklisted from being featured, especially because some of my best play is on pubs. Sometimes I like to tease my prey, etc. I’m sure there are players out there that do that too, and I’d like to see some really brutal pub play :-) . Finally, a last reason not to blacklist pub play is that some really good players don’t currently belong to a clan so it would be difficult for them to submit a recent demo.

          • don says:

            I’m not saying anything about Engine’s work. Just his choice sucks lol.:D But we both know this site would not be here without him so he’s beyond criticism and if he doesn’t know, I’ll tell him now: ignore any non-constructive criticism you feel may be directed toward you by me, because it’s not deserved.:P

            Anyway I agree with what you say about pubs. I want to see smart tactical play too, not just shooting. You can “demo” (no pun intended) that on pubs. Like a sneaky return by tricking the enemies guarding a FC to leave or a stealth defuse by trickery, etc. You can learn more from seeing that too than you can by admiring tarquin or Solitary or whoever aceing a TS round in 17.2 seconds.

            As for the grammar, a lot of British people speak like that. “Maths,” for example. Or if you watch Top Gear, torques. Assuming he is exposed to more British “English” than proper Canadian/American English, well then he’ll pick that up. Also, singular forms of stuff like “data” are not taught. Hell I don’t even know what it is (okay, I do, but I’d never use it verbally as most people wouldn’t know it, and I’d avoid having to use it in writing for the same reason; it’s datum btw). Action isn’t the same situation, since it doesn’t have a singular form. And certainly, if English instruction in non-English countries is even 3x as good as English class in English-speaking countries, I’m amazed anyone can even speak the fucking language haha. Syntax instruction ends when you’re like…10. But yes, definitely, “action” is the proper word to use in that sentence.

  7. -WT-I.R.S says:

    OMG amzing shots. this guy is crazy LOL

  8. Respecto says:

    I see myself die :(

    Nice one Jiggy <3

  9. Mandril says:

    IMHO i have to say i didnt like this potw… it was an inner clan match, it was a 6v6 TS and the red guys were all in pilars nobody even rush him.. they guy who attempt to rush missed a lots of shots and was owned by Jig and that shot for me was the best of all the shots.. the other are same shots.. and the last one, well.. was he afk ???

    Hope to see more UrT actions!


    • Adictas says:

      அமலன ர யன ஃப ர ன ண ட வ னவ ன இந தப பத வ க க ப ய பத ல க ற ங கள .உங கள டன என மதத த ட ஸ கஸ ச ய ய ந ன ர ட ய க இல ல . உங கள க க loco standi இல ல . எனக க உபய கம ன வ ல கள பல உள ளன.//ம லக ரணம ஒர க ற ப ப ட ட ச த யனர இழ த ழ ல ச ய யவ ண ட ம என ப ர மணர எழ த வ த தத .//ப ர மணர எழ த வ க கவ ல ல . வ ண ட ம ன ல மன வ க க றல ம . அவர ப ர மணர அல ல. அத வ ம நடந த பல ஆய ரம ஆண ட கள ஆக வ ட டன. இங க வந த சம மன ல ல மல ஆஜர க உங கள க க அன மத ய ல ல .அன ப டன ,ட ண ட ர கவன

  10. sonic says:

    Nothing great. I wanna see more Tarquin. What about Delerius???

  11. iShotYou? says:

    Vendetta clan,hmm,never heard of them,but anyways nice one jig.

  12. pidgey says:

    Vendetta is a UrT/Tremulous clan based in Australia.

  13. Papilay says:

    there is someone claiming for: LESS HACKS

    lol !

  14. boozeBRO says:

    i taught jigglypuff everything he knows :)

  15. krAzZ says:

    Don, i’ve saw your frag movie, and I wanna know what’s the command for when you walk, the screen move to the left and to the right?? what is this command?

  16. Sirmimer says:

    I agree don, the demo of the hg’ guy was nice, cause it was so smart play =) (Like tarq demos).

  17. adimu says:

    veramente carino il tuo sito ;) sei famoso sai… pure qui in ARGENTINA engi! buona fortuna we

  18. -DxT-denied says:

    Even though Jig killed everyone on Red, it wasn’t really good because there was no action (unlike tarquin demos).

    No offense Jig, keep up the sniper.

  19. Jigsaw says:

    Just in case anyone is really doubting me, here’s a short frag video I previously made.

  20. BenZino says:

    First comment in chat called you cheater, haha.

    Nice sequence!

  21. Y.g.P|fools says:

    lol guy called for “less hacks”. Good video but i agree with some of these subscribers/writers. This isn’t quite the POTW “way” if you will because it is, in fact called, PLAY of the week not AWESOME SHOTS BY SOME DUDE WITH A SNIPER of the week. I like it, but it deserves to be in a Youtube video. Jig, if you have demos of you being sneaky/using your mind/using the obstacles and balances in the game to your advantage and the others disadvantage i would love to see it. I am certianly not doubting you in any way and I am quite the nub when it comes to UrT and aiming/ just playing lol but it does indeed say PLAY of the week. I would love to see more of your material, whether it be shots taken or positions moved into to take the shots taken. My email is
    Thanks, fools

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