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How to get the most out of Grenades (video)

Grenades are one of the most powerful weapons in the game. With a single grenade you can kill many opponents (my record is 3, tell me if you made 4 or more in the comments). But grenades are not that easy to use and they may turn into a double edged sword.
In this video tutorial we will see a couple of techniques that will help you to get the most out of Grenades.

You will get familiar with Grenades as long as you use them. Especially with timing (the grenade should explode when it touches the ground) and with aiming. They are very powerfull and you should consider them when choosing your equipment.

Techniques shown in this video:

  • Short throw
  • Long throw
  • Fake shot
  • Rebound throw
  • Pressure with Grenades
  • Hit and Run

There are many other techniques and we will cover them up in later posts. For prenades you can check tarquin’s post.
If you have more techniques tell us in the comments!

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  1. Vinchz says:

    I was looking for this post, thank you so much. I’m going to train these techniques. :)

  2. Zanpa says:

    Thanks !

  3. |CN|Masha says:

    Finally Nades on Daily Nade XD

  4. get says:

    nade are very popular in europe

  5. Engine says:

    You’re right! Finally Nades! :D

  6. WiseMan` says:

    Nice one Tarquin,
    Im practice like yours Nade,sr8 and DE :D

  7. WiseMan` says:

    Opps sorry It was Engine :P
    Nice one Engine :D

  8. Engine says:

    Hehe thank you :D

  9. Flamey says:

    This is a very good video for anyone wanting to learn how to use nades. I’ve been using nades for a while and haven’t seen anything new here, but some new people don’t have any idea. Good job, engine.

  10. Mackz` says:

    ahhhhhh. those videos are great. than you guys.

  11. Lebbra says:

    Nice video Engine, very useful!
    You just forgot a particular use of nades. Let’s call it “nade fall”.
    Imagine to stay on laundromatlower roof: an opponent is waiting for you very close to laundromat wall on fountain side. If you lean out to shot him, he probably will kill you first…
    If you throw a nade in a standard way it will land far away from the wall. You could try a rebound on the opposite wall: it could be a good idea, but nade will lose precision after a rebound.
    The best way is to throw the nade on laundromat roof floor, very close to the edge and let it roll down from the corner, directly on the head of your opponent ;-)

  12. |CN|Masha says:

    I downloaded Europe league demo and saw lots player using grenade effectively :] So happy that I can learn here :D

  13. -VA-KRazZy says:

    I just want to say 4 Words….>> Nade and Engine Rocks!!

  14. Durandal says:

    Nice easy to follow tutorial video.

    No headshot in the world is ever as satisfying as sliding past someone at high speed and just dropping a cooked HE Grenade at their feet and sliding away while they explode… or catching 4 people medding or defending an area and perfectly timing a grenade into the middle of them clearing the entire room. HE Grenade is My preferred weapon of choice… there are some grenadiers out there that are like pool sharks… can get a grenade into any spot with any timing. Good stuff.

    I wish they would make a secondary fire to “drop” or maybe “roll” the grenade. It’s possible to roll it under things with some practice (like the spawn doors that everyone thinks are impenetrable on prague) but a full on “roll along the ground” button would be fun. Especially if they really are putting back flashbangs in 4.2 as is rumored.

  15. Led_Poisoning says:

    Thanks Engine..great work. I’ve never used grenades effectively, but this vid helps..cheers

  16. VaSaN says:

    Hey, Awesome Video Tutorial, i Made the Spanish Subtitles for it,
    can you upload them to youtube, so the hispanics can
    enjoy it too :)

  17. crysis13 says:

    i waz playing and heard gun fire below so i drop a HEgrenade and got a recored of 10 kills ya is waz so awsome

  18. -WT-I.R.S says:

    Hi engine. my record with grenades is 4. It was just amzing for me

  19. Shans[1up] says:

    My record is 5, got it with a HK69 on dressing room but if its only grenades I got 4 on swim.

  20. -WT-samos says:

    Hello engine! You remember me? WarriorTeam?
    so, my record is 3 max…..
    Why come to meet us at our new site is in my mex :P ….
    contact me in msn

  21. yay5637 says:

    If I throw a Nade, it is thrown directly, i cant hold it in my hands…
    Any one an idea?

  22. pony says:

    Have you tried holding the mouse button down for a while, yay? :P

  23. HK69 says:

    I made 4 with a HK69
    they were all medding, I ran in, fired one, they killed me, and BOOM. 4 people dead :D

  24. iShotYou? says:

    Well,i made 4 on a TDM mose players there were fairly experienced,i did this i use retta with HK,PSG1,SR8 i shoot legs they well be crippled and really have no chance of running away.then i take out the main and shoot them :D .

  25. Jigsaw says:

    On one nade my max was 5 in casa. But in succession nades (hk, then HE etc) I’ve gotten up to 11 :D . Decent tutorial, as Flamey said nothing new here. You should have included stuff like choke-point nades and throwing them over buildings into choke-points but I guess they will figure that out themselves :D

  26. iW4rP says:

    Wow jig.

    With HK or HE?

    I never was a fan on nades… Until now!

  27. Fools says:

    I’ve made 5 !!!! Ahhhhh ( and the croud goes wild :) just lol the way tarquin grows premeds over the fence in sanc. I threw one from my spawn into ivy and I kill rushers coming from the pond and from ivy it was insane all u could see were so and so got nasty stain from fools HE made it was beast I was on teamspeak and my friends all laughed heartily (little bit o’ english language for you) it was great that actually turned out to be the game turning match which, we obviously won haha . Nice bid btw :)

  28. Dynamx|X| says:

    Thnx For The Tip

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