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44 Magnum – Yet another sidearm for Urban Terror 4.2

Yesterday, Frozen Sand announced the introduction of (another) new sidearm in Urban Terror 4.2: The 44 Magnum. After the announcement of the Akimbo weapons, you could say that it was a matter of time. Still no infos about its stats but I guess it

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will have 6 bullets :D .

Decoy, media manager at Frozen Sand, described it as “loud, accurate, and lots of power”.

However.. seriously guys.. how many sidearms and secondary weapons can you possibly add? Well.. apparently tons and tons. Oh and by the way.. still no release date.. which seems far, far away (Q3 2010 hopefully).

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  1. get says:


    • Larry says:

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  2. pnk|Davo says:

    To me, more than 1 new side arm and secondary is unnecessary. What we need is new primary weapons. But on the other hand it will be good to play around with some new guns anyways

  3. -WT-I.R.S says:

    OMG another weapon

  4. AO2|Hannibal says:

    The more I think about this the more I wonder what will happen with 4.2. They’re pushing Passport (I’m slightly leery about this considering that as I understand it it cuts down on some of our aliasing opportunities), theres a new secondary, 2 new sidearms and flashbangs. This is either gonna make or break UrT, I dunno but I can see 4.1 surviving… or I could be totally misreading stuff. I’m all for newness and keeping things fresh, but this is getting a bit nuts.

  5. Zanpa says:

    Flashbangs, Akimbo, and then this.
    Okay, I’m going to play a lot before 4.2 comes out. Because the game is going to die.

    With things like akiimbo weapons, they want to make the game more appealing to a wide audience. But it won’t work (UrT is only known from FPS nerds). However, it will kill the fun for the players that liked the “hardcore” part of the actual UrT.

    Some people complain about a lack of weapons. These people are usually the ones who don’t play the game much.
    For me, that’s not a problem… There are only 3 weapons used (SR8, LR = M4, and DE), plus the occasional MP5. But at least they are balanced.

    So, yeah. Unless they add an option to play without those new “cool features”, I won’t be playing 4.2 much…

    Before, I was waiting for this new version for some gameplay fixes (only getting weapons when crouched, SR8 unzoom changes, etc.). There is absolutely no need for more content…

    • I’m sure that there will be servers whose gear sets will be the 4.1 weapons, and you won’t be able to use the new gear. There will most likely be an option to disable the akimbo weapons as well.

  6. Shans[1up] says:

    I guess that’s alright

  7. Phoenix says:

    Wrong the DE will not have 14 bullets.

    When used with akimbo it has 14 bullets ALL TOGETHER.
    7×2=14 sillys.

  8. Lebbra says:

    it seems a waste of time.
    first of all DE is a .50, so it is a nonsense to create a .44 with more damage than a .50
    furthermore there is no necessity to introduce a weapon strictly similar to the actual DE.
    What about a Taser instead? To be selected as alternative to the knife, allows to paralyze the opponent for a couple of second.

    • Leonidas says:

      That would be really epic. Or even the taser handgun that would replace a pistol. Because I”m more of a knifer. I think the weapons will be great, and I don’t think it will make it worse. If anything, look forward to better graphics and passport system. If you like LR300 and DE, then they’re still there. So don’t whine.

  9. Beyond.the.Grave says:

    I can’t wait to have it in my hand and hear the loud bang when i take out the campers with one shot in the head from behind like an execution :)

    I’m playing since 2.x and i saw the game evolve..and i think it is going in the right way with the new features and new weapons…everyone saying it’s going to be crap this way or that way…how can you know it without trying it? maybe it will be lots of fun…long time ago some weapons were more powerful and now they are weak like the negev…but we still use them…when i have ratio 3 with negev im not against changing this or that…i can still have good scores with these we have…and if they put some new ones in the game im glad to play with them too even if they are crap…sometimes im having fun with the hk69 and have horrible scores and yet its still fun…so im looking forward to have to new weapons in my invertory.

  10. Paul says:

    There was no announcement of the Deagle having 14 bullets, it was a misunderstanding. Frankie was talking about DUAL DE’s which will obviously have 14 bullets, one still will have 7. He misspoke a bit, I think a few posts later the misunderstanding got resolved.

  11. Engine says:

    Edited thank you guys.

  12. Axl_Foley says:

    the clouds on the sky or urt 4.2 are getting darker and darker. to me it seems like 4.2 is getting a sort of lottery. tons of new weapons. tzzzz…. what about the good old 4.1? is it that bad that tons of new weapons are needed. hopefully the new weapons are balanced. otherwise 4.2 is already dead imo!

  13. Tizz says:

    I just agree with comments above.

    We don’t think stuff like that which are just gonna make this game casual, while why we love this game, its because its competitive and hardcore like zanpa said.

    About the Magnum, the skin sucks, its caracteristics gonna be like the current DE (an inacurrate but powerful weapon, balancing the Beretta which is less powerful but more accurate). So we definitevly don’t need this new weap.

    Akimbo was the 1st step to making urt a CoD6 bis, here the 2nd one.

  14. eazteregg says:

    mh lets see how the final version will look like, anyway i think that the combination beretta and DE has been perfect and there was no need to add a gun familar to the DE or the beretta. Good contrast: many bullets; low damage; good accuracy and few bullets; high damage; high recoil…high damage + good accuracy = unbalanced..

  15. I can see the perks. On one hand, I’ve wanted the Dirty Harry for forever. On the other hand, all the additions to 4.2 may kill the gameplay. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  16. Engine says:

    You know what? I don’t care.. I don’t really care.. they can do whatever they want.. just pull out the game! Make people play it! If they notice that they frakked up somewhere they can release a quick update for bugfixes or rebalance.. just give us the game..

  17. Chaos says:

    Did you even read the very very short article Tizz or just the title? It says right there that it is ““loud, accurate, and lots of power”.

    Anyways, like I said in the article about akimbo weapons, I doubt that akimbo weapons will be implemented because all of these features are subject to testing. If the .44 magnum, flash nades, or akimbo weapons are broken or unnecessary, the people chosen for testing will pick up on it and the “new” weapons will probably either be tweaked or left out completely.

  18. Anonymous Coward says:

    What’s next? Full auto Beretta M93 and Glock 18c? Long mags for 30 rounds capacity? Akimbo style with 60 rounds and dual full auto?

    Oh wait… it might be fun. Who knows without giving it a try.

    • ryan says:

      why are people so against new weapons? new weapons would definitely get me playing more often. i personally think a full auto handgun would be sick. why so afraid of change?

      • Adrianna says:

        In fact, the more I think about it, most people here just mind their own bussneis for the most part. When Brad was at my place for our annual 4th of July party last year, he was amazed that my invitation list included Democrats from my town. Welcome to the Northern Plains. Most people don’t talk about religion or politics. Of course the Democrats who came were gun owning, deer hunting, pick-up truck driving, Christian Democrats. In fact, I doubt any of them would be Democrats at all if it wasn’t for union indoctrination.

      • This insight’s just the way to kick life into this debate.

  19. Tizz says:

    Yes I read the article. And I don’t understand why the Magnum would be more accurate than the DE.
    It would be a complete non-sense. If it’s a real powerful weapon, then there will be a huge recoil, and then the Magnum will be inaccurate after 1 or 2 shots. Just like the DE, which is actually accurate at the first shot.

    The idea of the glock was great, since it’s a trade-off between the accuracy of the Beretta and the power of the DE. But the Magnum just gonna disrupting everything.

  20. Dabidoo says:

    They better not introduce flashbangs. Was it ever confirmed that FS were adding them?

    I have a feeling 4.2 will kill Urban Terror :(

    • Anonymous Coward says:

      A long time ago, when Flashbangs were part of the game, most good servers disabled them. The same thing is gonna happen if the new flashbangs are too disruptive.

  21. T2 says:

    Yay! Over 9000 weapons and still no hits!

  22. Jez says:

    I mostly agree with Engine – it does seema a bit bizzarre to be bringing in 4 new secondaries ad sidearms (not 3: glock, magnum, tac M4 shotgun, P90). I’d much rather have the game (and new passport system) asap.

    As for balancing, I don’t really mind about flashbangs, I think they could work well enough if implemented properly. Probably more use in some gamemodes than others, but that’s true of a lot of things already (smokes, kevlar, etc).

    I think the new shotgun could be avoided if they fixed the SPAS, :P but I don’t really mind having 2. I can’t imagine how a new SMG is going to find its niche and not simply be functionally near identical to the mp5 though. Ditto the glock and the Berretta.

    I can imagine this being less of a problem for the magnum and the DE. A powerful magnum with a large ammount of recoil would be quite fun, if not a particularly serious weapon. tbh the DE could even use a slight damage nerf imo, so there’s definitly scope for 2 weapons in that category.

    If they were going to introduce/Change one weapon for 4.2, my (probably minority) request would be for a LMG. Make the Negev more useable, or introduce a new weapon of that nature. I think if that was balanced properly so it could be legitimately used more, it would diversify gameplay in a good way. And I don’t care if this makes noobs with negevs better off, that’s not really a valid complaint.

    People complaining that “I have no interest in these silly superfluous weapons – all this is ruining the purity of my harcord shooter. harumph” have probably not got too much to worry about. Unless the new weapons are made noticably stronger than current weapons (a massive mistake I doubt they’d make), then you will be able to carry on playing the game just as you would for 4.1 without problems.

    • N00B|DingDong says:

      Okay, think about this: Duals. This changes everything when you talk about weapon balance. A 14 shot DE makes everything else obsolete. The Magnum will probably have a slow ROF and very high damage. This alone differentiates the two enough that the addition of the new weapon doesn’t unbalance the weapons. Also, everyone will probably use the Magnum and get pwnt by DE’s, so another useless weapon is born. Useless? Yes. Ubalanced? Heck no.

      Also, DE and Berretta were gonna be tweaked to include the Gloock anyway.

      As for the SMG’s, there’s no problem either. The P90 has a 45 round clip. UMP has slower ROF and higher damage. The MP5 has fast ROF and gay damage. P90 will have more bullets. IDK the rest.

      BM4 will have slower ROF as far as I know. IDK about SPAS revisions.

      LMGs will RUIN the game. We already grumble about NUBZ and HAXORZ spamming the Negev. Get a high-pow LMG, it will be worse. Besides, it makes the NVG obsolete. Even for tactical moves like tapping entraces.

      I want some more primaries though. The M4 and LR should be different. There is room for a gun between the AK and the LR. Maybe a SCAR-L? HK should have a mode where it explodes on impact and a mose where it’s timed. Timed HK nades still have a use for bouncing off walls to clear defenders in CTF. PSG1 needs to 1-hit kill non-kevs the bleeding thing is annoying.

      I know that I got somewhat off-topic, but the thing is, FS needs to revise the current crop of primaries and stop producing the “fun” secondaries and sidearms.

  23. rombot says:


  24. Green says:

    so many negative nancys here lol.

    do you think they are stupid? why would they do anything to fuck up the gameplay? remember, they made 4.1, the game you all love. the same people that balanced 4.1, will balance 4.2.

    so wait til its reasled and you have played it, before u go running naked in the streets with doomsday signs.

    • Engine says:

      Well, George Lucas, the guy that did Empires Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark is the same guy who invented Jar Jar Binks so..

    • rYuuJiN says:

      4.1 isnt balanced, everyone is playing with sr8, DE, LR..
      adding new weapons isnt rly neccesary, i hope they will fix some weapons, like the g36, way too random.

  25. Hangover says:

    I am guessing the reload time with the 44 magnum will be like the shot gun
    one bullet at a time?

  26. m's says:

    quote: “The M4 and LR should be different.” -> M4 could be made M16A1 Carbine (Colt M653), the older carbine variant, with the old style 20 rounds magazine;

    quote: “There is room for a gun between the AK and the LR.” -> an HK416 6.8mm (only few experimental guns were made), or any weapon based on this bullet could be an option; the 6.8mm or 6.5mm round is considered now as better alternative to current 5.6 NATO round and is already used and tested by various Special Forces deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    best regards

  27. N00B|DingDong says:

    The 6.8mm SPC round was designed to have a better power than a 5.6 NATO while having less recoil than a 7.62 NATO. It is more managable at full auto while being more powerful than the 5.6 NATO. A gun of this kind isn’t in wide use, but is possible and has been done. So the “Realism” part would be fulfilled too.

    I do not agree with the M16 change for the M4. Since the M4, M16, and the LR300 are all based off of the AR-15 architecture, a change from the M4 to the M16 is pointless. The old-style 20 round mag will make an unplayable weapon.

  28. BeasterBunny says:

    Hmmm i like the Idea but there is going to be plenty more side arms that they are not telling us about

    I do like the fact that they are making more side arms but not like a truck load of em

  29. haydugjr says:

    I commented that we needed a .44 Magnum in the “What UrT can learn from MW2″ article. Did the devs read that or did they come up with this themselves? LOL if it’s cuz they read my comment (which I doubt they did) I will use the Magnum every game until it costs me a death lool thats MAH magnum fool

  30. haydugjr says:

    I’m thinking Engine isn’t liking so many new weapons.

  31. Justme says:

    I like hearing about all this news, and I get that it’s important, but can we please have some more articles about 4.1 instead of news about 4.2? Like an item guide or another of those weapon comparison/guides?

  32. dAkINGaRN says:

    this gun is just nonsens. it’s a gun that fires .44 magnum ammo, just like the desert eagle does. so there would be no difference between the desert eagle and the revolver. maybe the revolver is slower and has less shots in one magazin… really senseful, haha -.-

    • JustMe says:

      Excuse me? In case you didn’t notice, the in-game weapon selection menu clearly states that the deagle ammo ingame is .50AE.

      .50 AE /= .44 Magnum…

      The .50 is stronger than the .44 magnum, is intended as a power upgrade to the .44 magnum, and the recoil of the .50 AE in the Desert Eagle pistol is substantial, although only marginally more severe than the .44 Magnum, as the auto mechanism smooths the recoil somewhat.

      This is all useless when you consider that the IMI Negev, which has the same damage as a 9mm, fires the 5.56x45mm NATO, which is the same bullet used in the M16 and the LR300. (Yet Negev is 30% on torso and 20% on kevlar, while Lr and M are both 44% on torso and so on.)

      I bet you complain about how beretta hits 100% on head and the mp5 doesn’t.

  33. iShotYou? says:

    Very disappointed in the poor updating of the site it has been 2 weeks since your last article. If anyone is interested in helping out and writing please do,as this website is to help newcomes of urbanterror.

  34. peter says:

    urban terror is dead. trust me. go and look for alternatives. thats my advice 4 u folks

  35. get says:

    urban terror is the best fps game out currently that is free. We are getting more players everyday. Number of servers are growing.

  36. T2 says:

    dn is dead.

  37. [Elite]L3G1T_5N1P3R says:

    the benelli m4 will make the spas-12 obsolete. with a higher damage and an 8 shell capacity instead of 6, nobody will use the spas.

  38. rYuuJiN says:

    My comment will be in the eyes of someone who plays clanwars on a high niveau.

    There are enough weapons in UrbanTerror. Some are hardly even used, like the PSG, H&K and berreta. They are just not good enough to win.

    Weapons like G36 and AK47 can be nice weapons, but G36 is way too random. You will see when you just spray on the wall and look where the bullets go, specialy in zoom mode. About the AK47, it does way more damage than other automatics, but we all know UrT hits aren’t perfect and with the AK47 it’s important to have a high accuracy since your rate of fire is low.

    Than there is the threesome-secondaries, mp5, ump, spas. Since 4.1 the ump is way more popular and the mp5 is out of the scene. The gun is just too weak compared to the UMP. The ump used to have 25 bullets too make it weaker, but now they both have 30. About the spas? cool weapon but the damage is just way too low, now i consider my self one of the better spas players, but a damage above 50 doesnt accure that much. Normaly i get 30, but what is the use of dealing 30 from close range, while u can make 29 with ump from all ranges…

    New weapons like magnum, glock, magnum, DE, p90, benelli will have a great impact on the usage of other weapons. Glock and magnum will kick the berreta out of the scene. P90 will kick out the mp5 since it also has a fast fire rate and average damage. Spas usage will still be low if they don’t power up the damage by a lil bit. People just use it because it looks cool on ur back. Benelli will be a primary, this won’t have an impact on the other weapons, so for ppl that say benelli will make the spas less popular, thats just wrong since spas is a secondary and benelli isnt.

    The benefits of unused guns should become more powerfull. Like a faster fire rate of the berreta and a more accurate scope of the g36. What about a higher damage to the head of the mp5, so it will be more popular for spamming heads with his high fire rate. Higher damage for the spas to make it a shotgun instead of a showtool.

    For the people that say urbanterror is dying. Wrong, wrong and wrong. About 3 years ago cups used to have 20 clans and team survivor was the only popular game type. Now we have 100 clans participating in cups in 3 game types, CTF, TS and BOMB. GG URT IS BEST GAME EVER. (yes ive played other games for a while, cost me alot of red bull since i was falling asleep during playing.)

    • Jacob says:

      The G36 bullets land when they need to be, specially in zoom mode. If you’re not seeing this, you’re not using it right. The first rule of G36 is never to spam with it unless you have to do it in close range. Rule 2: This gun should be fired in bursts of 4-5 round from medium and long distance ideally using the scope. Rule 3: You need to wait longer for this gun to cool down between the bursts. I haven’t used it for a while, but basically at least 2 or maybe as much as 3 seconds between bursts. This way spread and accuracy will be superb. One or two bursts from long distance are enough to kill an opponent with it. One burst is usually enough from medium distances. First shot often kills those without helmets.

      • rYuuJiN says:

        1st rule: you are correct.
        2nd rule: 4-5 bullets per round is too much, the spray will be too high.
        3rd rule: waiting 2 or 3 seconds per burst is way too long and makes this weapon useless, play a highskilled player with lr300 and u are dead.

        the way you talk about killing with g36 gives me the impression you play on publics versus new urt players. ofcource its easy.. but it’s obvious that the g36 is underpowered in clanwars versus other automatic guns with decent skills.

  39. Jacob says:

    I don’t fully understand all the whining about how the new weapons will ruin the gameplay. At worst, the new weapons will become redundant items in the game. At best, they will increase the fun factor. As of right now, I think it would be much better to do something about things smoke grenade spam on public servers or disable the ability to pick up items you don’t want. More of the good maps would be nice too. For example, more maps like Turnpike or Subways.

    Going back to new weapons, I don’t see to be too worried. The 44 Magnum will be just another DE. Add or subtract a little damage, and also spread and reload time to compensate for that. This will bring more variety and fun to the game. Right now we have just DE and Beretta and it seems like most players stick with DE.

    As for Akimbos, I think it’s just a redundancy, but it certainly won’t ruin the game play. The Beretta Akimbo will probably be the equivalent of MP4, except without the automatic mode, and DE Akimbo will be the equivalent of UMP with more damage, but less bullets, and lower accuracy. I am pretty sure (or at least hope) that the Akimbo pistol setup will be penalized by disallowing players to carry a secondary weapon.

    As far as weapons go, the weapons are already plentiful and balances. We have 3 primary automatics, machine gun, 2 sniper rifles, 3 secondaries, pistols, and grenade launcher, which can be mixed and matched with various accessories. I suggest that at this point the developers should just STOP and consider improving other aspects of the gameplay.

  40. JMB says:

    Just imagine a PSG1 with 30 bullets, but with the same ROF and the same damage.
    SR8 would still rape it if both got a shot towards torso.

  41. Gray Stockton says:

    I am tired of waiting, it has been over a year since they announced 4.2. I mean come on, how perfect does it need to be, while you also have a bunch of eager beta testers.

  42. Dylon says:

    yeah im sure that this game will take the place of counterstrike seeing how the game is similar to it. and the gameplay is top notch and not even perfected yet..the release of 4.2 will b epic if the game mechanics work right..hope fully this game will b as succusfull as the last one but larger.i would like to see more of a community on this game like more montages..and gameplay commentaries.that would b nice..

  43. zıkkımın dibi says:

    zaman will urt 4.2 start ?? who knows ?? pls tell me.

  44. NJ says:

    Hi Im that sniper on dressing room who put the idea into idiots heads that you can go to the other teams roof and snipe there. Anyway, I think the game should get mor primarys to balance the gameplay a bit. I think it is essential to have mor guns of all types since now anyone who plays on Dress. Room has realized that the only gun people use is the ump which is annoying since the map is clearly meant for sniping.
    If the weapons were balanced out more people might pull out a sniper and stop rushing.
    Don’t rush! Snipe! Be cool! Consider me a pro! NJ!!!

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